Ensure safety of your loved ones with essential garage door maintenance tips

Your garage door is opened and closed numerous times in a day. To ensure a smooth and proper functioning, it is important to keep a routine check on it. Irrespective of whether your garage door is manual or automatic; here are a few safety tips checklist for your garage door:

Tightening the loose screws – If even a single piece of the hardware becomes loose, it could cause a major problem in the functioning of the garage door. Since the door is opened and closed multiple times, loosening of a bolt may be an obvious phenomena. So, just check the bolts and hardware often and stay secured.

Roller Inspection – The rollers of the garage door should be inspected around twice a year. Generally they are replaced after six to seven years but if the garage door is used more often than normal, rollers may be exposed to wear and tear.

Use a lubricant – Make sure that you use a lubricant on the rollers, springs and hinges of your door. You can lubricate the pulleys as well as the door opener for effective performance.

Check the weatherstripping – A closed garage door will not be much effective if it doesn’t have weatherstripping. You should check the weatherstripping to ensure it is not broken. Simply check the sides of the door and find if light is coming in your garage. If it is, you should replace the weatherstripping.

Regular inspections – Garage doors can start showing signs of wear and tear overtime. So, it is important to opt for frequent inspections to check if nothing is worn out or broken. If you find there is some problem, you can simply book for garage door repair

Unplug your door from the power source when not in use – If you are away for long periods or are enjoying your vacations for extended periods, it is essential to unplug your garage door from the power source and make it non-operational.

Assess the cables – Check the cables to see if they are not worn out or damaged. These cables can cause serious damage and injure you badly.

With these preventative measures at hand, you will definitely not face any problems with your garage door. Keeping in mind a few simple steps will help in smooth functioning of your garage door.

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